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Today's Thoughts


by Barbara Mayrsohn on 04/10/16

Do you have a regular gratitude practice?  I do my list of things I am grateful for only occasionally .

Now though I am doing it every day.  How about you?  Keep a consistent gratitude journal and watch the difference it will make in your life.

My gratitude list for today:  My health, My 92 year old father, my home, the beautiful view from my terrace, the daffodils and buds on the trees, the sunshine, my computer and tv, the blue sky today, my car, the dogs and cats in my building that I get to play with

You are enough

by Barbara Mayrsohn on 12/06/13

Do you sometimes feel you are not enough?  No matter what you do you can never do enough, measure up enough to some standard?  And does that translate into not having enough, not being enough?

I struggle with that. I am at a point now where I want to always feel good enough, that I am enough, always do enough, and have enough.

I have heard from many different sources that " how you do anything is how you do everything:" It goes without saying that if you feel you are not enough in one area it is going to leak into every other area of your life.

It is time though now for each of us to know we are enough, just the way we are, right here right now and start living from that frame of mind. If we begin to know that, we will start seeing our lives as half full instead of half empty and that everything in our lives is perfect and we are whole and complete at any given moment.

Making Every Minute Count

by Barbara Mayrsohn on 09/18/11


   Have you ever wondered life was slipping by so fast and you were not enjoying it the way that you would like?


   Here it is the end of the summer already, 2011, the holidays are just around the corner and my little Maltese dog Roxy is 13 1/2.  Where did the time go?


    So reflecting today, a song popped into my head.  It is from the 60's some of you might remember it, I am giving away my age.  It is from Spanky and our Gang"  Making every minute count"  To me it says it all.


   We ae so busy focused on the past, worried about the future and lose the moments of now which are all we really have.


   So as a little gift to you, here is the song.  I hope you enjoy it.






Barbara Mayrsohn


Being Positive

by Barbara Mayrsohn on 05/21/10

   Yesterday I watched Joan Lunden on The View.  I have always had mixed feelings about Joan.  Although basically I have always liked her, she is always so annoyingly upbeat and positive no matter what is going on in her life. 

   Although I don't really know her, she seems genuine and her happiness is real, not just for TV. She credits her positive attitude to her mom, who is always happy, and her daughters, the older ones,  seem to be happy and successful on their own.

  I would like to be more like Joan, more positive, upbeat and genuine. Thanks Joan for being a good role model for us all.

You Tube and Rhoda

by Barbara Mayrsohn on 05/20/10

I love  Watching movies, tv shows, listening to music.

The show Rhoda a spinnoff of the Mary Tyler Show was a big favorite of mine.  I loved Rhoda Morgenstern. She was real ,funny and very lovable.  Played by Valerie Harper and for me very relatable.

In one of the beginning shows, she is back home in New York having left Minneapolis and she moves in with her sister Brenda, also a very lovable character. After living in tight quarters with her sister, she tried to get a job and an apartment  couldn't and ended up moving back with her parents.

Although she was not too happy about that, she soon became a little too comfortable with her mom cooking for her and giving her that mom attention.  But her mom, being a loving mom, needed to kick her out of the nest and lovingly she did just that.

What really impressed me and softened my heart was that Rhoda was scared and yet she felt safe to be able to express those fears and doubts to her mom, who validated those feelings and helped give her strength to move out to have her own life.

How many people do not feel safe to express their darkest feelings especially to family members? That is sad, because when people get to be themselves and share what they are feeling no matter what, then they really shine and feel and know that they are loved just for being themselves and can be anything they want.

I hope there is at least 1 person in your life that you can let your hair down, be free to do or say and be yourself. How has that relationship strengthened you and helped you to be your best.  Thank those people now and relish the relationship.