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9 1 4 - 588-9676
Backyard Seminars


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  Do your employees need a little motivation to
keep them in the right frame of mind to do a great job?

How about you?  Do you need encouragement and support to keep you focused on
what really matters in life?  Being happy and positive to make your life fabulous?

I am taking my act on the road. Anywhere within a 25 mile radius of White Plains, NY 

 For 3 or more, I will come to your home or office and give you some of my best tips 
and practices that I have learned from amazing teachers, to encourage , motivate, and keep
 you on that vibrational track for success and a happier more joyful life.

For more information: Call 914-588-9676 or email me at: info@joyandsuccess.com