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Joy and Success International (JASI) was founded by Barbara Mayrsohn, an avid practitioner of the universal laws of attraction. Having worked for the past 20 years on her own life to become her own person and stand in her own power, Barbara is now helping others to do the same through her inspirational presentations and motivational seminars. She has studied with some of the best inspirational leaders of our time including T. Harve Ecker and Tony Robbins. 

As a result of her personal experiences as a teacher and as a student, Barbara started JASI to inform, educate, and provide support to the many people wanting true joy and success in their lives. By taking the journey herself, Barbara shares her own personal stories and tactical secrets that are proven to work. 

She knows firsthand that money is not really what people are searching for, but rather the search is for the things they think money can buy - joy, peace, happiness, and purpose. Some success principles that Barbara lives by are faith, gratitude, trust, abundance, purpose, and taking 100% responsibility for her life. 

Through her day-to-day encounters and her devotion and dedication to JASI, she is bringing together amazing inspirational leaders in different spiritual and practical fields to enhance her life and the lives around her. Through her live events, mastermind groups, programs, and via joyandsuccess.com in White Plains NY, Barbara is able to introduce some of the best tools and services available to you today. Barbara’s end goal is that JASI inspires you, guides you, and supports you as you reach to achieve your own goals. She hopes that you will take full advantage of what she and JASI have to offer. 

Join Barbara on this amazing path of self discovery, become a part of JASI and recognize your magnificence right here, right now.

Joy and Success International Motivational Seminars NY

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